Recommended Fanfics and Authors

Recommended Fanfics and Authors




LAST UPDATE : 20/1/2015


1. I am not recomended smut-all-along the story or smut-as-the-main-intention-of-the-story (PWP)

2. I rec mostly EXO fics cos I am EXO stan. But, Tao and Kris aren’t my bias at all. I don’t read any of their fic (yet) so dont expect their name below. Sorry.

3. Luhan too, I am not hate him (neither taoris) but I just rarely read Luhan’s fic.

4. I admit there’s yaoi content. But I am not a fan of yaoi, so sorry if you not find what you what trying to find in here~

5. I’m, actually, a Baekhyun stan, but I read Jongin’s more ehehe. But if you have recommend of baek’s fic I always appreciate it~ ^^

6. I am the type of a fan who is love to read fic from my fav author or blog. If I love the story once, I will search the author’s another stories. But I have some standard and it’s hard to me to find author which is adjusted my standard. So shortly, I just have some authors and fics, out of so many fics I have read before, to recommended, but I am sure it’s really great ones. Just enjoy! ^^

7. And, yes, i am a kaibaek fan :3 too much fanfics of them on my subscribtion .___.

English (Asianfanfics and livejournal) »»


»» KaiStal

Billet-Doux – knovelist

Memory Lane – yuriyaa

When He Fell – knovelist

Love Seat – knovelist

Lie to Me – cybelexism


»» Kai/OC/Baekhyun

Vaccilation of a Heart – Shainiak


»» Kai/OC

Heartlines – missribbons [F]

White Memento – missribbons (hiatus)

Never Let Me Go – missribbons [F]

Bad Boy – kfanfiction [F] (falling so hard for kai’s character, i just cant burbbbfft)

Running With Wolves – taelighted [F] ( RATED. But not PWP, so what. And actually i skip like 8 or 10 chapter when i read it but i always fall in love with the oc. And her chemistry with The Almighty Alpha, indeed)

Walking on Margins – springrain

Tchaikovsky: The Seasons, Op. 37,
June: Barcarolle
– Annie1017 (oneshot)


»» Baekhyun/OC

Lie for two – shainiak [F]

The Year I Met You – exo-ai [F] (even it still a WIP, it’s really surprise me that i can adore and enjoy 1937-timeline fic, bcos actually i am not adore fic with timeline like this)

The Contract – kfanfiction [F] (maybe i dont add this favorite tag if i dont get really surprise and so agape by its ending, unpredictable)

Don’t Fall in Love With Me – rollingbaek

Baekhyun: Hey Buddy! – FantasizingAboutYou (and there’s an ongoing sequel)

Haunted – Rollingbaek [F]

The 7th Demond – littlepenguins

Florescence of Love – dreamy flower

Hardship and A Photobook – kristiful

A Dead’s Man Diary – exoism


»» Baekhyun/Chanyeol (sorry for not give the link, just because) (those two are popular, you can search it on google and whoosh :P)

10080 – exoBUBZ

Baby’s Breath – jindeul


»» Chanyeol/OC

Let’s Play Pretend – fan-atic

Cupid’s Match – kfanfiction


»» Lay/OC

That Empty Bus Seat – fan-atic


»» Tao/OC (sue me for mentioning that i dont read tao fic, but yes i do rec this tao fanfic, bcs it urghh ><)

Lacrimosa – elisaexplosive


»» EXO ot12 – yaoi

48hours – changdictactor


»» Youngjae/OC

Inspector Yoo and The Joseon Jade Thief – Babyonlyforyou

Chemistry to A Dorkdom – EPIONE [F] (there’s two or three more youngjae fics on her AFF account and i do recommend all of them with favorite tag, especially Step for Two)


»» BAP

BAP Oneshot I,II,III – purplekpop


Rec Author

Since I am a fan of jongin’s fic (because the jongin’s character is always looks right on stage off stage, no matter what on fic) I usually search fanfic w jongin as main character. Fortunately, i found this author who is so great. A fluffy but not-so-drama, i love it. She wrote another aspect, conflict along her stories that it is not all about romance. Missribbons is recommended from another great author. And I’m never ever regretted to click the link she gave. All of her fanfics of Jongin! I recommended it all! ^^ (other fic of hers you must read: Spark of Summer)

Kfanfiction has so many fics on her blog of AFF. With various kpop idol chara. I still got to read kfanfiction’s jongin fics though. But, if you biased of BAP or another EXO member, kfanfiction has their fics and i guess the fics is not bad at all. This author is so great.

Fan in the attic! It’s nice to recommended her to every exo stans! I saw her fic–Lets Play Pretend– at first on most upvote story (or featured?) on AFF. I’m not so into Chanyeol though, but I found the foreword and summary of ‘Lets Play Pretend’ is so interesting. I started to follow the story (which is still on-going untill now) and well yeah~ I’m not going to regret it. It can mix your feeling, believe me you’ll be hate Chanyeol so much but love him at the same time because this nice fic. There’s her another fic titled ‘The Empty Bus Seat’, starring by Lay and an OC. It was great, too. I think fan-atic is the most author which is can make you hate and curse your bias ehehe. You’ll find out what I trying to say now if you already read those fics. Unfortunately, two another fanfics of her is locked, you must be invite to read those fics. I am so curious and not getting the invitation yet ㅠㅠ tell me if you guys have the invitation and how to get the invitation, okay?


She is so great author. Lie For Two is a hit, and every baekhyun stan who read AFF must be knew her, at least heard ‘Lie For Two’ for once.


I always in love with Yoo Youngjae’s personality that i always picture in my mind. He always looks good smartass in most fanfic, but it happen to be more cool and i feel like i literally cry in excitement when i read EPIONE’s fics. She pictures Youngjae just in right way i want him to be, and i want to say that it’s more than enough to turn me to be a crazy girl who is adore a fictional boy. And the way of her writing just make me want to eat my phone like i eat a pudding. Because her fics is not like usual boring fic and just why i want eat my pillow now. For Baby, you are all know how desperate we are when it comes about the lack of our bias fic on AFF.. so you probably know why i act like this ㅠㅠ


I know and read her fic recently. I am so crazy because of KaiStal and this author and her fics help me alot to imagining kaistal feels and moments ㅠㅠ (and i become crazier though). She is great and she is on the same line with me! Ahaha~ ( i find it excitedly, but haven’t try to say hi to her yet)


The KaiStal shipper must have knew her. She’s popular with her fics abt kaistal. If you a kaistal shipper and doesnt know her, well I am here to telling you about her~ she’s good.

Bahasa (Personal blog or wordpress) – This blog is always recommended on top, right?

«» Forsaken – Dista Dee Chanyeol/OC, Family

«» Enchanted – Dista Dee Luhan/Kai/OC, Chaptered-Complete, Romance

«» (Golden Trinity) Mala Noche, Fire in the Hole – Kris/Luhan/Lay, Twoshoot, Oneshoot, Criminal, Detective

«» The Story Before – Kris/OC, Chaptered, Romance.

«» Dayoungie Story, Lauren’s Diary, Hello Leo – Dayoung/Lauren/Leo, Drabble-series

«» Another (ALL) are recommended – Dirty Storey Room is a hit one!

«» Dirty Storey Room Baekhyun/OC, Chaptered-OnGoing, Romance

«» My Boy My Kiss Taemin/OC, Chaptered-Complete, Romance – Called by the master of comedy fics

«» A Bunch Of Baby EXO, On-Going

«» Babysitting! Khuntoria/D.O/Kai/Sehun/Baekhyun, Complete

«» Her Oneshot and Drabble or Ficlet are recommended
Find some simple, nice, fluff and comedy fics here~ (but recently she was decided to stop write fanfics on her blog)

«» Ma Paparazzi Baekhyun/OC, Romance-Ongoing

«» One Night With Baekhyun/OC, Oneshot/Romance – An unique and refreshing blog of fictions! Maybe on long-hiatus status but still a legenda ihihi~
Taemin, Junhyung, Sehun and mostly Jongin’s fans must visit it! – Find great movies and movie-directors here.

«» 8 – theboleroo


Rec Authors

Dista Dee – She is the best on fiction (i mean orific or fanfic). You maybe have heard about her before. She wrote some book and published it officially. You can visit her personal wordpress on Theboleroo Talking about theboleroo, this author is the best on diction. You can find some strange and new words that you never find before. Her fic are interesting and has different plot and genres.



Talking about theboleroo, this author is the best on diction. You can find some strange and new words that you never find before. Her fic are interesting and has different plot and genres. Her unique and genius sentences are another good point i should tell to you.





Share with me! You may recommend any fanfics that you think was great and nice to me. Just type it down on comment box below! It will be nice and I will really really appreciate it!~ ^^ Recently I looking for Kai, Baekhyun and other members of EXO (even Tao and Kris, if you think the fics so adorable and interesting you can share it here!) I also search nice fanfics of BTS (especially Kim Taehyung, my lovely bias u.u) and BAP’s fic (my bias is Yoo Youngjae) I like Kaistal very much! If you also like them together~ lets share and have some chitchat with me! Give me your idol-couple fic you love the most too! fexo, exopink, shiny effect, 2NEXO and more! Just share it! Jusy be nice and dont be rude! And get enjoy, yo~ 😀

P.S : I’d rather read fanfic rec from blog or author that I never know before~ so please give me that kind of fanfic, how kind you are :3


3 thoughts on “Recommended Fanfics and Authors

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  2. hello, I’m baek stan too.. If u want something new, u’ve to give it a try.. There are a lot of great baek’s fanfics n author out there.. take ur time n read.. i’m sure u wont regret it. =D And it’ll definitely best fanfics u ever read.. hear there are:

    1. If I could Stay: On Going, Angst, Drama, Sad.

    2. L’Amour Du Mensonge: Complete, Drama, Angst.

    3. The Marriage Life of Mr. Byun : On Going, fluffy, funny, drama, famous fanfic. U won’t regret to read the legend of Baek stan fanfic.

    4. P.S.I Stalk You: Complete, Romance, Comedy, Drama, little bit smut. One of the best Baek’s fanfic .

    5. Love Medicine : Complete, Drama, Childhood friend, Sad. Great fanfic that make u remember ur unrequited love, and this fanfic kinda realist.

    6. Royally screwed: Bullying, Kingka, bad boys, drama, triangle love. it’s featuring Kai as second Lead male character. U’ve to read this pic.

    7. My Bodyguard Princess: Complete, plus sequel, historical, Joseon, Comedy, Romance. Another best fanfics of Baek.

    8. Unravelled: complete, lightangst, fluff, romance, The author is Baek, Kai n sehun biased. there are a lot of KaiBaek fanfics from her. Just check them out!

    9. Black Pearl: Complete, Rated [M], adventure, fantasy, pirate, romance. One of a kind I think. ^^

    10. This Forced Marriage: complete, Arranged marriage, school, romance.

  3. hi there too hikari 🙂
    it’s nice of u left a comment, yet bring some fics for me to read :’)
    and yes i alrdy knew some of those fics and read those too. same like u i find l’mour du
    mensonge, black pearl and more are interesting.

    but some of those fics i just know now, thanks to let me know those fics especially p.s i stalk you and unravelled, both are i just know from u. since days ahead are holiday, i’ll try to read those fics asap. aha 😀
    nice to know you! lets be friend on aff if you have acc on that site, mine is dafunsefun ^^
    pls do rec me some of fics you know and we can exchange nice fics~

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