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Sue me, the uninovatived me trying to do stuff that recently i read on author’s blog in AFF Let we call this… Fanfic tag.

Untuk menunjukan pada (pada siapa?) siapa saja unek-unekku tentang ff categories. And some of those stuff.

Sudah pin mulai saja..


Q : Do you read fic? Do you write fic?

A : Both, yes.


Q : Favorite genre?

A : Uhmm….. fluff? -,- scratch that, i feel like totally a super-school-girl-giggling-at-hot-guy-next-class right noWww


Q : Most hated genre?

A : bcos hate is a harsh word… I’ll say i just dont like fantasy. Like a dragon and fairy and the main chara lost his wings…. only if the fic is well-written.


Q : Favorite fandom?

A : Do i answer this? Like srsly..


Q : Do you min read WIP (write in progress) fic?

A : No, but then there’s no choice to do on my spare time. So it’s turn out to be a yes.


Q : How about a crossover?

A : Like Sehun attends Hogwarts and meet Hermione Granger? Both yes and lil no. But it’s totally interesting, ya know. So i will read it.


Q : Favorite pairing?

A : ugh kaistal kaiminzy kaibomi kaisoo kaibaek kailu kaioc sekai taekai .__. Even if it is possible, i ship kai with himself XD


Q : Favorite fic author?

A : Missribbons. Geez is it any chance she found out this post? And distadee for bahasa fic ^^


Q : Favorite fic?

A : there’s actually so many fics on my mind. But then.. I choose Enchanted and Forsaken by distadee. And oh-oh! Code:Zero! ShikaIno fic on And there is a rospius (HarryPotter!Universe) titled Ikatan Darah, but it’s WIP u.u


Q : Oneshot or Longfic?

A : for read, i choose oneshot. For write i choose chaptered (sort of fic that has 2-5 chappies. It would be lovely enough)


Q : Favorite scene or stage?

A : a plot twist stage. Even if it’s exist .__. Nyah, a surprise one. That successfully makes me agape for a moment and had a feeling to throw my phone (on a good way)


Q : Hated stage?

A : Let’s seeeeeeeeeee…………. I could make longlonglooong list for this.


Q : The most reason you close the tab while you read a fic on it (harshly)?

A : bcos my tabs just so full……………………..? Ok kidding. Ugh… The author’s note? Author’s sudden opinion on the middle fic. Slank words. Like srsly slank words in Indonesia is aint no good .__. Sorry not sorry.


Q : Bahasa or English?

A : English. But there’s some bahasa fics that just ssooooo awesOMEEE. I cant really decide….


Q : Did you ever cry because of fic?

A : No. Is this even possible? Not yet at least. But agape and stop reading for a while, yasss.


Q : You like or you dont?

A : I don’t. I can’t handle angst for end. But the out-of-my-guessing, the unexpected one, even if it’s angst, i dont care, i will love it!


Q : A comfort on angst?

A : It’s totally fine.


Q : Favorite Angst you ever read?

A : Haunted. The Contract. 7th Demon. And theeeenn….. When He Fell.



Q : do you even read this?

A : I REALLY want to say no, i haven’t. But sadly, i have. And its end scaring me like hullllll.


Q : Are you like PWP?

A : are you kiddiiiiiing meeeeeh?


Q : How and when did you get introduced to smut fic?

A : I feel like i was trapped.


Q : Do you read AU?

A : Actually, if it’s not AU, i don’t read it…


Q : Favorite timeline?

A : i used to dislike 70-80 (vintage style) timeline. But a fic on aff titled ‘The Year I Met You’ proves me wrong. I LIKE THIS FIC AND ITS TIMELINE!!!!!!


Q : Then, do you read futuristic timeline fic?

A : maybe yes. But now i prefer 70-80 timeline. But then a great fic w/ futuristic idea, Billet Doux.


Q : Favorite setting?

A : Wew. What is it again? I dont really know what is my fav..


Q : Hated setting?

A : on any agencies, trainees room…….. bcos it doesnt suit my thought abt the real ones… Oh and on over-using-place-to-meet, a cafe.



Q : Do you read fluff?

A : the wellwriten on top. Yesss.


Q : Do you mind if your bias just so fluffy like hell?

A : No. But yes. But NO.


Q : Favorite fluff?

A : Never Let Me Go is ultimate favorite. And I still have other recs fluff. Oh! And Love Seat! Bcos it does makes me trembling on mid-plot.



Q : a scenario like EXO!Daddy?

A : Uh >< yess give me that sort of fics…..


Q : the fav?

A : you know me… Forsaken!



Q : Haven’t you read this kind of fic?

A : Yaoi, yes. Few times. Yuri, No. Never.


Q : Against it or Adore it?

A : for the idea of genderbending, hell no. Against it.


Q : Do you enjoy bromance?

A : I’m pretty sure there is lot of different between Yaoi and Bromance. And yes yaoi always contents of smut, but the latter no. A relationship between brother (brothership) yes, i even kind of a fan for broship.


Q : Any OTP?





that’s it. Will updating later ^^

For link of fics that mentioned above, you can check those here


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