(Posting My Thought) Tasting Rarely Pairing




That’s my title above (okay that’s not make any sense, i know) and the picture above just a huge spoiler, indeed. But, please just ignore it before you read this entire post (why i such forcing people?)

So, guys recently I want to spill out my thought on my personal blog (or wordpress if i should say) (still a blog though)

I visited my friends blog before, a kpoper or not (then what i should mention it?), then i feel so weird. Why a kpoper’s blog always full of fanfic? like srsly are all of the fans want to be author? (no, okay) then it’s just me who throw my visitor with bunch of fics.

So, that’s it. I want to ‘spill out my mind’ and be an annoying owner blog who try to treat my visitor with new thing-yet-so-old called personal thought. haha. (please, now you more than allow to stare at your screen weirdly)

then what is my thought that i want throw to you?

I feel embarassed because, okay then, I write abt kpop again. Not like my other friends that use their blog as their personal diary and actually what on earth they spill out their high school love story on open-blog like that? fanfic is much better, i offense. Or normal people really do those things? if yes, then i am not normal. But, see, I try to.

Once again, finally I am not post a super weird and fuzzy and random fic (yeay)

I post my thought! (I like the way it sound)

And i want to tell you all abt rarely pairing. what is this? idk how to named it, but popular pairing is just like kind of pairing that you find out everywhere. Like shiny-effect or FEXO or exoshidae or bigbang-2ne1 then pinkfinite. all of that. you alrdy know what i mean. That rarely pairing is a pairing you never heard before, or rarely to find out.

And i want to tell you all, I like to anti-mainstream, and that’s even more if i anti of bad mainstream, like?

be a fan of popular mainstream it’s not a bad thing, though. But I just don’t like it. I am not an extreme too, for ship a very extreme couple. for example shipping Kai-Sooman .____. (it feel weird to write it, idk)

But recently guys… I shipping a very cool pairing (just my thought) and not much of fans realize it yet.

There is….. jjajang! 2NEXO!!!!! YEAY NOW YOU CAN SLAP ME MENTALLY!!!

But srsly this post already be more weird as you scroll down, eh? nyahahaha

Whatever. I really realy just want to tell you about my hard-shipping over 2NEXO recently. And maybe you get me weirder if you read my list of couple below.


first.. i love Chanyeol-CL. Uh like… it’s such a great idea if a author can stir reader’s mind and make Yeol-CL as sweet couple. Does it make sense? i mean i never read any fanfic about both of them as a couple before, it’s always ChanDara or KrisCL. But, let see! there’s Chanyeol as a funny and smiley boy who spreads happness all around the world meet a stiff (not really) and perfecionist and oh-wow-sexy woman named CL! Then it will be noona-lover fic but yes i still love this idea! nyahaha! XD

i won’t stop talking abt Yeol-CL actually but there’s next couple..


Kai-Minzy! It’s not a noona-lover fic anymore. 2ne1 is sunbae for EXO, but there’s a same line couple in 2NEXO that you can’t find it on exoshidae (gyahaha no offense)

Kai-Minzy is not a brand new couple (Yeol-CL too actually) but this idea to pairing them firstly come out of my mind when there-s a friend on my class ask me about Minzy and Kai (and Sehun, but just scratch sehun name) are on the same line. She told me too how about both of them be a couple? and i said yes. Yes there’s a chance. The dancing machine in their own group meet. The 94-line love and give them chance (then now i sound like promoting something)

you say Minzy not attractive-looking? if you said so (no offense, but srsly i heard it a lot from another fandom) then i feel i should to say that Kai not attractive too. Who can sure me that he is not had some plastic surgery AND SERIOUSLY GUYS WHY ON EARTH I WRITE SUCH NONSENSE THING LIKE THIS??

i tell you, i am an arcadian too. I love kaistal because Krystal’s just so chic and cute and so awesome then fit with handsome and sexy Kai. That is. I love appearing feature too, indeed. But as I said before, Kai-Minzy is a great idea! this couple has a feel, just like kaistal (or another kai-pairing).

okay, it’s going to end absurdly. Since my grammatical error and my weird thought make it like that.

And now, I have idea about Dara and Bom pairing, since there’s 10 (or nine should i say) EXO members left for two older sister of 2NE1. I just think about Luhan-Dara (or Xiu-Dara? waow) and Baek-Bom? haha i feel nicer if Bom be pair with M member though. But i can have a feel if it will be Lay-Bom, idk. Then Chen-Bom, uh. Oh and there’s BomSoo couple in tumblr doesn’t it?

Okay I end it up (sudden ending, everybody. Actually i have to do my homework or at least read my textbook since it’s already a week before final term test. So, i just want to end it before i feel bad annd guilt for not studying (such a lie and nice dodging reason)

back then, I respect all pairing (mainstream or not). no offense. It’ s just a weird me, then why you should take it serious, eh?

i love you (not literally) but i say it to you who is left a comment. share your thought with me through commentbox below. ^^

once again i just a random person and for my poor english skill please don’t judge me because i am not in the mood to judging you back for this. English is not my first language, ya know.

then that’s it. bye!




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